My setup is as follows:

- VDR machine is a Via EN 1500. This machine has a 1.5 GHz processor
and 512 Mb ram. In it is a FF technotrend card. This machien has no
harddisk and boots over the network from:
- Server: Dell With dual core processor, and SATA disks.

Network is Gigabit Ethernet, for file sharing I use NFS.

- On the VDR machine I compiled a VDR 1.4.4 from source, with the
"remote" plugin, so I could us the remote sensor that came with the

Experiences so far:
- Watching FTA channels goes extremely well. Diseqc (I have a
Technisat Multytenne) works. Quality of the DVB card output is very
- Chaning channels is fast.
- Navigating the menu is slow. For some reason there is a big enough
delay between me pressing a button on the remote and the selected menu
entry changing. As a result I often end "overshooting" what I intend
to select. Is there a way to improve this?
- Pausing live TV is not very good. It takes VDR several seconds
before it starts recording. Afterwards play back sometimes skips, and
sound and image lose synchroisation. If I try to watch recorded shows
playback is also sometimes halts or skips. What can I do about this?

Any ideas on how to improve performance? How can I get playback and
live tv pausig to be smooth?


Bremgarten b. Bern, Switzerland

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