Just a bit of a nudge - I thought I'd try this again with a newer kernel and 
VDR (2.6.17 in Ubuntu edgy and VDR 1.4.4) in case something small and subtle 
had been fixed.

Alas no, the original problem still stands as-is:


I've made an even more rudimentary setup of vanilla VDR + skincurses plugin. 
No FF card, no output devices.. just a curses console and I still regularly 

Nov 27 22:26:26 plip vdr: [10131] ERROR: can't open filter handle 
on '/dev/dvb/adapter0/demux0'

on channel changes - `lsof -n | grep demux` still shows only 8 or 9 file 
descriptors open :(

A shame, I'd love to have VDR working with this device - does anyone have any 
advice, since it works just great in Kaffeine!


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