Hello to all UTF-8 user and naturally to others 8 and 7bit user also. ;-)

Please look at http://www.free-x.de/utf8/

The last version of utf8 patch is for vdr 1.4.3 the next version for 1.4.4 will be soon there.

Would be also interesting to know whether someone Antialiasing uses, otherwise I remove AA code from UTF8 Patch. (new softdevice plugin does it also very well)

Harald Milz schrieb:
Petri Helin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Now there are some problems that have come up with the HD OSD. Font
rendering and the way fonts and OSD are used by plugins are the main
distractions. I bumped in to this Utf8-patch
(http://www.vdr-wiki.de/wiki/index.php/Utf8-patch) which looks

Has somebody got a pointer to where the actual patch is located,
especially v0.1.2 (I'm running vdr-1.4.1)? The link to the homepage at
free-x.de seems to be gone, and http://www.free-x.de/vdr/ contains a lot
of stuff except this patch (Oleg?). I'd like to give it a try because
I need to support a mixed (Russian - German) environment. Having to set
the OSD to rus in order to read the EPGs is really not an option. ;-)

Alexander, are you there? Oleg, thanks for the xmltv files! Works just fine!

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