On Fri, 1 Dec 2006, Matthias Schwarzott wrote:

> Ack. For playback of vdr-recordings you are right. I meant it can be 
> eventually transcoded (playback of non mpeg2-files).
OK, but the question is:
why can mplayer playback a vdr-recording without a/v sync problems
with a minimal load of almost NULL?

vdr itself is not able to playback the same recording without a/v sync 

vdr together with softdevice does not have this problem

so, is it a ttpci-firmware bug or a vdr-playback problem

if we compare softdevice and FF card it looks like
a ttpci-firmware problem, but if we compare
mplayer-ttpci-firmware and vdr-ttpci-firmware
it looks like a vdr playback problem

maybe it's both - a problem with the firmware and also a playback problem 
of vdr and maybe softdevice is able to identify/correct the a/v sync 

I hope one of the dvb/vdr specialists will find the reason for that

hopefully in the near future :-)


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