Matthias Schwarzott wrote:
On Sunday 03 December 2006 15:53, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
Udo Richter wrote:
Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
Add the line

#define uint64 uint64_t

to VDR/tools.h.

I'll add this in the next maintenance patch, too.
In the long run all plugins should change this to uint64_t, though.
better, re-add it as typedef as it was before. Attached.
I want to get rid of this completely, so it will be a #define
that, if possible, causes a compile time warning. And at some later
point I'll remove that #define.


Why not just keep it away. I think it is not too hard to replace that in the plugins.


You're probably right.
By the time I'll release the next maintenance patch I guess
all plugins will have been updated, anyway.


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