VDR maintenance patch 1.4.4-2 is now available at


This is a 'diff' against version 1.4.4-1 (which is the official
version 1.4.4, patched with 

Small fixes to the officially released VDR versions will be first
made available as "maintenance patches" in the Developer directory,
so that they can be reviewed and tested before a new official
release is published.

So please apply the above patch and report whether it works (or
if it causes any new problems).

Since the removal of the 'uint64' typedef has caused some turmoil
amoung the plugin users/authors, this quick patch introduces a
define that makes 'uint64' available again

This patch also uses the previous naming scheme again, which I had
messed up in the 1.4.4-1 patch.

The changes since version 1.4.4-1:

- Added '#include <stdint.h>' to font.h (reported by Peter Pinnau).
- Added a compatibility define for 'uint64' to tools.h, so that existing
  plugins don't need to be modified immediately (reported by Suur Karu).
  This will be removed in version 1.5.

Have fun!


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