On Thu, 7 Dec 2006 10:20:29 -0000, Michael McQuillan wrote
> I get the same issue with that as I do with launching playback in
> advance also though. When the timer starts the Suspend Picture is
> removed or the recording playback is terminated to start the 
> recording which then suffers from the continual restarts, so I am 
> still in the position that I have to be present to start a recording 
> and re-force the suspend mode or start playback after the timer starts.

Are you sure that playback/suspend mode isn't terminated due to a restart
(i.e. the first restart)? I have no FF card in my VDR, but I guess terminating
a recording just because a timer ist started is not the expected behaviour...

Maybe the Wiki is wrong and the new firmware is required (or your firmware is
way too old).

Good luck,

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