I think with XVMC you don't get deinterlacing, because you forward sort of mpeg
data to video card, and if videocard cannot do proper deinterlacing. Starting from Nvidia 6600 there is purevideo hardware deinterlacers which work ok on
Windows side.

Here is a summary


For SDTV the "spatial temporal" deinterlacing is supported up from 6150 and 6200 chips. A 6600 is need for HD. Despite of rumours in the nvidia forum nothing has happened to support Linux :^(

On possible direction would be investigating xv_deinterlace if that can be used.
But probably not with XVMC.

I have been able to activate in the past some kind of linear blend (loss of vertical resolution) and bob (some blinking) deinterlacers with xxmc. Since xine-lib CVS 1.1.3/4 and new Nvidia binary drivers I'm not able to activate deinterlacing any more.

This is a bit off-thread but I guess the pain in the *** interlaced video won't be killed in near future. Has anyone been able to output with xinelibout properly scaled video to 1080i over DVI/HDMI without need to de-interlace in PC but in the display device?

I need X.org and like to play games in the HTPC so fbdev is not an option for me.


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