> Eddi wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I wrote a patch to Steve Toth hvr3000 repository, so my FlyDVB Trio can
> > use multiple frontend.
> >
> > The bus of the two frontend is shared, isn't possible to get access to
> > both frontend simultaneously, so I get an -EBUSY error by trying
> > accessing frontend1 if frontend0 is in use.
> >
> > VDR doesn't support yet the second frontend, and it try to get exclusive
> > access on both frontend on start, so the second frontend is inusabile.
> >
> > Vdr should probe for multiple frontend at start, and access frontend
> > only on channel change.
> Wouldn't it be better to hide this deficiency in the driver?
> Klaus

Actually it seems that on Hybrid card is and will be quite common that
multiple frontend share a single bus.

Linuxtv API tell that a driver may offer frontendN nodes
that vdr don't support

I think is impossibile, to solve by driver, since switching between frontend
happened by opening the frontend/demux device.

VDR try access to frontend on start (actually it doesn't start multiple fe
on same adapter, so I solved with symlink), and open all the frontend.

If open fails it refuse to use the frontend. If open with success, it start
N thread as many as the number of adapter/frontend.

I don't understand what you mean for deficiency, if you mean the EBUSY, yes
I could remove it, but it doesn't solve since with two tread open I should
get a ping-pong between the two frontend so I can't get any image.

If you mean for deficiency the two frontend on the same adapter, is
logically correct, and is a deficiency that vdr doesn't supporti t.

Since I like VDR, I'd like it support this.

Best regards


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