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> I demand that Tony Houghton may or may not have written...
> > Is there any chance you could enable the DirectFB output in your libxine
> > package?
> It's too late for 1.1.3-2, but I've enabled it ready for whenever I next
> decide to do a package update.

Thanks. I'll look out for that and try to do a big kernel- and
dist-upgrade as and when. It's about time.

Speaking of kernel upgrades I'm still using a 2.6.17 kernel on that box
because when I tried to upgrade to 2.6.18 my remote stopped working even
though the patch still seeemed to apply OK. I think you're using the
same remote as me (Hauppauge "grey") but with a more advanced patch that
allows a keymap to be loaded, whereas I found a simpler patch which just
hardwires a different set of keycodes. Have you used 2.6.18 or later OK?

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