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> This is a bit off-thread but I guess the pain in the *** interlaced 
> video won't be killed in near future. Has anyone been able to output 
> with xinelibout properly scaled video to 1080i over DVI/HDMI without 
> need to de-interlace in PC but in the display device?
> I need and like to play games in the HTPC so fbdev is not an 
> option for me.

Apparently mythtv can sync playback to an X display by using OpenGL or
DRI to provide vsync, which should allow interlaced videos to be played
properly on a suitable display. I think it would only really work on a
traditional PAL or NTSC TV though.

I've tried it out in an experimental video player I'm writing (which is
easier than getting mythtv to work!). The vsync appears to work but I
haven't tried it on a TV yet to see if it solves the interlacing
problem. My VDR box uses a Matrox card with DirectFB now. I used to use
an ATI card with a SCART adaptor for a while, so I tried it with my
ATI-based laptop, but I couldn't get that to do PAL. I have got access
to a desktop PC with an ATI card and old Linux installation, so I'll try
taking the TV to the computer instead of the other way round...

If anyone else interested is using X on a TV with a VGA to RGB SCART
adaptor, my code is available by svn from:

You'll need dev packages of libavcodec/libavformat (ffmpeg), SDL and
ALSA. Any other output plugins referred to aren't developed yet. It
needs to be installed before it can be run so it can locate its plugins.
Another note: I had to use --disable-opengl with the configure script on
my laptop because the relevant GLX function was missing; ATI cards can
use DRI instead.

The binary is called boxplay. It's still very crude, but should work
well enough to see whether it can play interlaced videos correctly. It
can play VDR files. To stop it when running just click the screen.

If it proves to work it would be a useful function to have in xine. I
don't know xine's code well enough to hook it in, but perhaps Darren
Salt could do it?

TH *

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