Laz kirjoitti:
I do this sort of thing by nfs mounting /video from the remote system on a subdirectory on the local system. Probably not the most elegant system because the empty directory gets deleted by vdr when the remote system isn't mounted so you might need to create it before mounting.

The remote recordings appear in a sub-folder and so get sorted by date, rather than alphabetically because they are treated as series recordings. I'm doing the mounting and unmounting through commands.conf.

As I say, there's probably a better way of doing this but I have yet to find one!


Well thats what I've been now putting up (since my last post). I was just thinking how to get both the client and server recordings shown at the same time and this is the solution for it :) Thanks. I was also thinking to use the commands.conf. I was also thinking I'll try to mount "over" the local recordings and thus get kind of swithing between client and server recordings. But this is yet to be tried :)


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