Laz kirjoitti:
Well thats what I've been now putting up (since my last post). I was
just thinking how to get both the client and server recordings shown at
the same time and this is the solution for it :) Thanks. I was also
thinking to use the commands.conf. I was also thinking I'll try to
mount "over" the local recordings and thus get kind of swithing between
client and server recordings. But this is yet to be tried :)

I thought about trying that but bear in mind that that would also replace the *.conf files (unless they are elsewhere) and the epg data. You'd have to restart vdr for the mounting.

Another point to watch out for is you need to do a "touch /video/.update" to get vdr to acknowledge the mounted recordings. If you get the permissions right, you can delete and edit the remote recordings with no problems.



I have only recordings in video directory so that is no problem. No I've tried it but ran into rights problem when touching .update. Even though I set rw rights in exports and mount shows me that I do have rw set for the mount. Propably this is due to the fact that the original mount does not want to unmount for some reason. Ive tried doing it manually without help. Not even an error message. I might have to settle with the subdir solution.


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