I demand that mike lewis may or may not have written...

> OK.  I tried to install xine last night.  I have some rather complex
> dependancy problems.  I'm using all ubunuto apt-get servers and then your
> apt-get server.  Basically, the packages on your site depend on versions of
> software that ubuntu doesn't see to supply. [...]

Hmm. My 'stable' builds are for too old a distribution, and it looks very
much like my 'testing' builds are for one which is just that little bit too

> Soo. Yes.  I'm guessing there are some other "bleeding edge" software
> repositories that I need to enable as well??

No. Your problem is that you're (presumably) using edgy whereas I build for
sarge (too old), etch (slightly too new) and unstable (also slightly too
new), and I currently have no plans to build for Ubuntu releases.

Given this, I think that it's best that you add a deb-src line for my
archive, run 'aptitude update', install devscripts and build-essential, then:

  $ apt-get source foo
  $ cd foo-*
  $ sudo apt-get build-dep foo
  $ debuild binary

  $ sudo dpkg -i ../*.deb

Be careful with that last line - you'll probably want to list specific
package files. And dependency errors shouldn't be a problem either since you
can use aptitude to install the missing packages and mark them as
automatically installed.

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