for a new feature of epgsearch, I'd like to do a continuous check (in a
separate thread) if any timer was deleted via OSD or SVDRP since the
last check.

The only thing I found so far is to build a timer array and compare it
at each check with the current timer list. But if timers where modified
meanwhile, the check can get quite complex.

Any other idea?

@Klaus: Is there a chance for a patch that extends cStatus with e.g.
MsgDelTimer to get part of VDR, if I supply one ;-)

Background: epgsearch currently creates a timer again if it was found by
any search timer, even if the user previously deleted it. If I could
detect which timer was deleted, I could put it in a done list to prevent
the new creation.
I know, I could create the done list already when creating the timer for
the first time, but this causes other problems. Besides that: only
timers that have been deleted are of interest, so why save all others too?

BR and Merry Christmas!


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