Christian Wieninger wrote:
for a new feature of epgsearch, I'd like to do a continuous check (in a
separate thread) if any timer was deleted via OSD or SVDRP since the
last check.

The only thing I found so far is to build a timer array and compare it
at each check with the current timer list. But if timers where modified
meanwhile, the check can get quite complex.

Currently I think there's no way around it. You have to keep some kind of shadow timer list of all timers created by epgsearch. To make re-identification easier its probably a good idea to add some unique ID to the aux field of epgsearch timers that links the VDR timer list with the epgsearch timer list. It may also be enough to just keep all aux fields of timers created by one search timer together with the search timer itself.

By tracking the timer more closely it may also be possible to better track created timers in case the scheduled time moves way off of the original scheduled time. My Harald Schmidt timer sometimes suffers from such re-scheduling, and gets recorded twice.



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