I am using two vdrboxes (two FF cards inside each box), and I need to
receive 4 satellites, then I plan to buy :
- a multi-lnb dish "wavefrontier T90"
- 4 x lnb's (quad models)
- 4 multiswitch 4>1 (one for each FF card).

By adjusting disecq.conf, I know that vdr is able to manage a 4 ways
multiswitches, but is it the same for 6 or 8 lnbs ? Is there any limit ?

Because there is a lot of cables, multiswitches will be near the LNB,
outdoor position. 
Could you please advise give me some good outdoor 4>1 and 8>1  "FF nexus
dvb" compliant ?

Feedback and remarks from vdr users, about wavefrontier / multil nbs / multi
switches, are welcome.

***Merry Chrismas to all !!! ***

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