Mika Orajärvi wrote:

> I have a setup with server hosting vdr (and vdr-xine plugin) and a
> frontend machine using xine to stream through LAN. The setup has been
> working well for the past year or so, but now I have a little problem in
> my hands. I'm using my amplifier for volume control and xine&vdr volume
> is at 100% always. But for some reason now every time I lauch xine in
> the frontend, the xine volume level goes instantly to almost zero and I
> have to manually raise it back to 100%. I have noticed that this
> behavior starts to occur after VDR crash (which happens very seldom),..
> so far it has happened once before and at that time restarting VDR again
> fixed the problem. But now the problem came to stay.. Any ideas? I'm
> using currently VDR 1.4.3 and xine-plugin 0.7.10. When this happened at
> the first time, I had some older versions of VDR and xine-plugin.

You may want to try the following settings in vdr-xine's setup menu:

Control xine's volume: No
Muting: Ignore

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