Hi Udo,

thanks for your great work.

> Possible changes:
> - Make the 'inactive' mode (waiting for background activity to end, then
>    shut down) more visible to the user:
>    - Suggestion was to put up a message 'VDR will shut down when idle.
>      Press power button again to force shutdown' before starting the
>      confirms.
>    - Alternative may be a message 'VDR will shut down later when idle' if
>      shutdown was not confirmed
>    - Alternative may be to permanently put up a message 'VDR is waiting
>      for background tasks to complete'.

How about taking epgsearch's behavior and put up a message 'VDR is waiting for
background tasks to complete. Press "ok" for details'. Pressing "ok" would bring
up an osd list containing all plugins, which didn't return null in their
Active()-method, with their todo-Text. So a user could then see, what's going
on. Sure, those key-presses should not be taken into account as regular
key-presses in order to not cancel the shutdown.

> - A 'bug' in the old code allows to automatically shut down VDR at the
>    end of a playback, though this was probably never intended. It could
>    however be re-added as 'feature'.

Really? I never knew that. But I consider it as a nice feature a la "I just want
to watch that movie and sleep afterwards". As most of us know, sometimes
tiredness is stronger and end of the movie was never seen while vdr stays on
until UserMinActivity strikes. Hope it will be implemented and this time on
purpose. ;oD

Marius a.k.a. DMH

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