How about taking epgsearch's behavior and put up a message 'VDR is waiting for
background tasks to complete. Press "ok" for details'. Pressing "ok" would bring
up an osd list containing all plugins, which didn't return null in their
Active()-method, with their todo-Text.

I'm not sure whether we should go that far. In case that several good reasons exist that block shutdown it would be nice to have them on screen all together. However this probably involves introducing new dialogs and all the skin stuff behind that.

- A 'bug' in the old code allows to automatically shut down VDR at the
   end of a playback, though this was probably never intended. It could
   however be re-added as 'feature'.

Really? I never knew that.

Meetoo. Found it by studying the old sources doing what-happens-when. Shutdown got stuck while playback, and it seemed that if no key is pressed meanwhile, the shutdown would continue at end of playback. Tried it, and it actually worked. ;)



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