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Von:     Reinhard Nissl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
An:      VDR Mailing List <vdr@linuxtv.org>
Datum:   30.12.2006 21:37
Betreff: Re: [vdr] vdr xine-plugin fbxine

> > but fbxine does not understand the MRL vdr
> Are you sure that you execute the correct fbxine binary?
I forgot in the parameter _pes !
> It seems that your binary still loads an xine-lib which doesn't know
> anything of the vdr:// MRL.
> > What I expect from fbxine is : to adjust my tv-out better to the size of
> my tv

> Well, fbxine is not responsible for that. fbxine just takes care to
> decode the stream into the frame buffer. Things like setting resolution
> or overscan mode are either a matter of fbset or some other tool which
> might be hardware dependent.
It seems with fbxine I see less on the monitor an all on the tv. That's ok.
The only drawback I see still is when I change several times the channels, 
fbxine hangs or stops.
Maybe it depends of the quality of the transmission and I have to do some 
adjustement concerning the color
for the tv

Thank you for your help, Reinhard!


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