I just stumbled in a problem while watching an mpg file using mplayer plugin. There was something causing vdr ro restart.

vdr: [3846] record /srv/vdr/Amyn_lailla/2006-12-
vdr: [5462] ERROR: /dev/dvb/adapter1/dvr0: Device or resource busy
vdr: [3846] timer 55 (5 1859-1955 'Smallville') start
vdr: [3846] record /srv/vdr/Smallville/2006-12-
vdr: [5465] ERROR: /dev/dvb/adapter1/dvr0: Device or resource busy
vdr: [5460] ERROR: video data stream broken
vdr: [5460] initiating emergency exit

Firstly, does using mplayer plugin cause device or resource busy error?
Secondly, why cant I resume playing the mpg file I was watching?
The mpg file is just a cut and repack of a vdr recording (ProjectX).
And I had just watched a couple similar recordings.

When restarting all drivers is reloaded.

Last line in log after trying to restart play is:
logger: *** DEBUG: Variable CMDLINE has value "/usr/bin/mplayer -vo mpegpes -ao mpegpes -framedrop -cache 4096 -slave -nolirc -quiet"
Which is exactly same as when the replay works.

I have noticed that sometimes I have to restart VDR to make it play the files on a mounted usb drive after mounting it.

I have vdr-1.4.4 and vdr-mplayer-0.9.15.

I've got two dvb-c cards (one ff and one budget).

VDR seems to work otherwise normally.

I could not find anything related wrom the mail archive.

Anybody know any solution?


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