On Wednesday 03 January 2007 21:44, Torgeir Veimo wrote:
> On 3 Jan 2007, at 20:45, Kartsa wrote:
> > Now that this came up. I was wondering in my earlier post today
> > about twin tuner cards and if I understood correctly Nova-T 500 is
> > such a card. And if I again understood correctly it works with
> > linux and VDR?
> Some people including me are experiencing usb disconnection with the
> nova-t 500 (it has an internal usb bus), which in some cases can make
> your machine freeze, and in the best case causes you to loose a few
> seconds of playback / recording. See the linux-dvb mailing list for
> more details.

Hmmm...I've got one of these and I've never seen it disconnect yet
(a few months so far...fingers crossed!).

When I've seen USB disconnections with two USB2 Nova-T devices, I was
getting things like /dev/dvb/adapter0, /dev/dvb/adapter2,
/dev/dvb/adapter3, i.e. adapter1 missing from where one of them had
been originally before disconnecting and then being reassigned as
adapter3! in this situation, vdr only sees the first DVB device
because it starts at adapter0 and stops counting when the next number
doesn't exist.



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