Well, it all depends on perspective ...

If you had to buy the PS3 just for that purpose, you'd probably be right. In that case, I would rather be looking at a streaming media client. Some of them have HDTV as well these days, such as for example the Kiss DP-600 oder the latest D-Link DSM. Well, you'll probably have lot of frustration with these devices as the hardware is good and cheap, just the software sucks. (I started blogging about that at http://www.avoip.info/.)

Maybe someday a Linux distro for that class of devices will be made available.

But if you have a PS3 anyway, having a VDR client on it will save you just another device in your living room. That makes sense in terms of space, network ports and also input feed connectors of your TV set.

I currently have

- a PS/2
- a plain DVD player
- a Pinnacle Showcenter
- a Maxdome receiver (www.maxdome.de, basiscally a DSL VoD client)
- a DVB-S receiver

all hooked up to my living room TV. No TV set has 5 input jacks and I need six remote controls to handle that. This is not fun, actually.

I do strongly believe that looking for the one hardware platform which has it all (strong CPU, fast ethernet or even gigabit networking, HDMI output with proper scaling for low-res formats), for some people USB and DVD/BlueRay drives, and that has an *open software platform* in which I could plug all my software DVD player (with menus, please!), MPlayer, VDR, Shoutcast, VoD, ... that would be it.

Regarding using a PC: Still the noise / price problem. Either it's cheap and ugly or just way to expensive. Unless you can recommand a fanless "kind of PC" (anything that can run Linux is fine) which either has the TV out, networking and remote control stuff built-in or has suiteable slots for that and is somewhere less than 1000 USD.


VDR User schrieb:
A PS3 running VDR is more of a novelty item considering the price. For the cost, you could easily build a computer that can handle HDTV, be a lot more robust, and have money left over.

I say this jokingly but not every idea is a good one mate!  :)


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