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Ali H.M. Hoseini wrote:
hi all,

I've noticed that when the signal quality goes low ( high BER or high
UNC), and if a timer records that channel simultaneously, the vdr exits
continuously, and  hence  produces  too  many  recording files.

How should I prevent vdr from exit, in this situations?

Locate the line


in recorder.c and comment it out.
Hi Klaus!

I think the dvb-drivers is quite stable now. At least on my VDR there are almost no problems with the stability. So I think there are maybe zwo big issues left (I dont' know for sure) which can be "solved" by a restart of the drivers (and VDR):
- the "good old" uknown picture type-error
- the video data stream broken-error

Is it possible to distinguish between these errors and a reception-error due to bad signal-quality (snow on the dish, very bad weather ...)?

If there is a way to distinguish between this errors would it be possible to make the emergency exit only if it can fix the problem? On systems with more cards/dishes it could also help to check if there is a ongoning recording wich has no problems (for example card 1 records on one dish with good reception and card 2 tries to start a recording on a dish with bad reception). Maybe if there are working ongoing recordings the start of an additional recording which doesn't work should not restart VDR as it interrupts the working recordings?

So maybe a preferd behaviour of VDR could be:
upt or vdsb-error --> EmergencyExit if there is no working recording; do nothing otherwise
errors which can be lead back to reception-issues --> do nothing

What do you think?

Andreas Brugger

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