On Sat, Jan 06, 2007 at 02:48:28PM +0100, Alexander Riedel wrote:
> Hi!
> New UTF-8 patch is now available at www.free-x.de/utf8
> Changelog:
> v.0.1.3 for vdr 1.4.4-3
>     * Add workaround for buggy freetype libs 2.1.7 - 2.2.1 (segmentation 
>     fault)

Thank you!  This applied cleanly on vdr 1.4.5, and unlike the previous
version, this one works with the freetype libs in Debian unstable.

Do you have a script for translating the /video directory from latin1
to utf8?  I attach my script for this, also available from
http://www.iki.fi/~msmakela/software/misc/.  Am I right that the
info.vdr files need to be translated as well?  The attached script
recodes the contents of all files named 00INDEX.  I guess that you
could replace 00INDEX with info.vdr in the script and be all set.
I'll test that as soon as I can.

One small suggestion: could you check for the availability of the fonts
at startup?  I initially only copied arialbd.ttf and arial.ttf, and
got a crash later when courbd.ttf was not available.


set -eu
export LANG

find . -name '*[€-ÿ]*'\
|while read FILE
do mv "$FILE" "`echo "$FILE"|recode latin1..utf8`"

find . -type f -name 00INDEX -print0|LANG=C xargs -0 grep -lE '[€-ÿ]'\
|tr '\012' '\0'|xargs -0 recode latin1..utf8
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