Lars Fredriksson wrote:
I'm trying to use VLC to stream an mms:// as MPGA to my VDR-box where I
have installed the streamplayer plugin, but I get no sound!

Streamplyer says it's receiving a stream and the bitrate show, the
buffering value goes up to the value a specify and the starts over from
0 again.

The problem is that the current (primitive) code waits forever to detect a video packet to know its PID. Audio-only streams are not yet really supported.

One workaround is to mix in some video dummy stream, another is to fool the detection: If you first play a short video clip, and then start the audio stream, streamplayer already has found a PID for video and continues playing even if no video data arrives. This should work even if the http stream reconnects, just exiting and re-starting streamplayer will trigger a new detection.



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