On Wed, 10 Jan 2007 23:48:38 +0100, Pjotr Kourzanov wrote
> I have neither investigated the problem deeper yet (just found a way 
> to split the EPG data into parts), nor looked in the source code. Is 
> it so difficult to convince the watchdog that while SVDR thread is 
> busy it is actually doing useful work?

SVDRP is not implemented as a thread. Processing the SVDRP interface is part
of the VDR main loop. The problem is that if you are uploading EPG fast
enough, the SVDRP code will remain in cSVDRP::Process() until you're done. So
the watchdog timer will not be refreshed and the watchdog eventually fires.

There are two possible workarounds:
1. increase the watchdog timeout
2. take a short break from time to time while uploading the EPG. The "while
(file.Ready(false))" loop in cSVDRP::Process() has a timeout of just 10
milliseconds. With a sleep of 100ms you should be on the safe side, as you
still need to take into account that network traffic is buffered on both, the
client and the server.


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