On 1/12/07, Darren Salt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I demand that mike lewis may or may not have written...

> unrecognized file type for 'debian/libxine1/usr/share/bug/libxine1/presubj' 
at /usr/bin/dpkg-shlibdeps line 120.

> I'm not sure that the fakeroot thing means anything.  I think the the
> make Error 9 holds the key..  Time for bed now.  Any pointers?

  $ ls -l debian/libxine1/usr/share/bug/libxine1/presubj

My guess is that it's been marked as executable.

  $ chmod a-x,a+X debian/*
  $ chmod a+x debian/rules debian/shlibdeps.sh
  $ debuild binary


And BTW; just noticed you were the auther of runvdr.  Thankyou for
your contribution and continued contributions.


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