epg2timers is a tool that allows you to use the web EPG at http://tvtv.de
to program VDR from anywhere in the world simply by clicking
on the things you want vdr to record in the http://tvtv.de listings.

I have changed the epg2timers version number to match the VDR version
number I tested it with. This should make it easy for you to find out
what VDR version epg2timers works with. Of course, this does not mean
epg2timers cannot work with other vdr versions. Simply try it out.

epg2timers version 1.4.5 is now available in Klaus' Tools directory at


Changes since epg2timers 1.3.17:

1.3.32  17-Sep-2005 Update channel map.
                    Implement support for multiple satellites.

1.4.5   16-Jan-2007 Update channel map.

See the README file included with the distribution.

Note that http://tvtv.de keeps changing the names of their channel
logo images, which epg2timers uses to determine the channel an
EPG entry belongs to. So, unfortunately, I have to keep changing
the map and it will never be complete, since I do not have a lot
of time chasing after channels I do not / cannot watch.
Contributions are always welcome and maybe in the future I'll
change the algorithm so the channel map will be based on a plain
text channel name somewhere in the HTML code of the "merkliste" page.


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