Rob Davis wrote:
Pjotr Kourzanov wrote:
Oops, forgot the scripts;-)

Pjotr Kourzanov wrote:
Dear all,

  Having been dissatisfied with performance and features of xmltv2vdr
(too slow, no credits/category information in I have created
a new script (based on AWK), that can be found in the attachment.

  If you want to try it, put your channels.conf.xmltv in one folder
with these two scripts, and then run cat *.xml | ./xmltv2epg > epg.

  My mileage: 54MB XML -> 18MB EPG in 44 minuties (xmltv2vdr used to
take 9 hours).

Looks good, but what does the command line look like?

Well, do a "cat *.xml | ./xmltv2epg > epg" if you have many separate xml files.
Otherwise, ./xmltv2epg file.xml > epg should suffice.

Pjotr Kourzanov

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