> > no one has figured out how to decrypt it. Since I want the premium 
> > content I need the cable companies settop box to decrypt it.
> So the digital television standard your cable company uses is 
> really DVB-C, but content scrambling is not based on DVB-CA 
> (Conditional Access)? Interesting, what company is it and 
> which system are they using then?
Rogers cable and I am just paraphrasing what I read elsewhere
cable ATSC (QAM-256) 
I have heard from multiple sources that most of the digital channels are
Also I would not be able to "pay per view" or "on demand" stuff
> > MythTV seems too big, requires a database and X
> > Mplayer seems too big and requires X
> > VLC seems to big and requires X
> Well, MPlayer and VLC are not necessarily that big and I 
> think you can compile MPlayer without X support (or you can 
> install X headers and libraries to compile MPlayer, if it 
> can't be done otherwise). In any case, running these programs 
> doesn't require running an X server. I wouldn't use MPlayer 
> as the primary media frontend though, just as a video player.
I would like to make the system very small.


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