I'm experiencing the usual DD A3 stream breaks here. Now I have discovered
that the epg scan seems to trigger them, by tuning to some channels.

vdr logs frontend tuning timeouts synchronously to the stream breaks my
AV Receiver displays. They can only be caused by a background job like
the epg scan. Also the timeouts occur on the primary card, which seem
to be sometimes used to make scans.

I'm not sure if the tuning timeouts were caused because the channels are
encrypted, or by invalid data in the channels.conf. But that should have no
meaning here.

The timeouts can be caused by the firmware or driver, or in vdr by tuner
thread locking issues. I need help to sort this out.

I have a three FF card system. Why does vdr use the Primary Card for
scans anyway? Shouldn't all of this occur on a non-primary card all of
the time? How can I force vdr to not use the primary device for PID,EPG
and all other scans? At least for further testing.

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