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Thomas Bartschies wrote:

I have a three FF card system. Why does vdr use the Primary Card for
scans anyway? Shouldn't all of this occur on a non-primary card all of

If VDR is currently replaying (or receiving in transfer mode from
an other card) the primary card is available for recording as well as
EPG scanning.

I forget to mention, that the problem only occurs when replaying a recording. Watching LiveTV by using LiveAC3 and even AC3 in transfer mode on encrypted channels works perfectly. So if the problem would be in the FW or driver, the
problem would occur in LiveTV too, wouldn't it?

I see similar problems here, caused by the DVB driver using too much kernel time when a card cannot tune a station.

My primary DVB device can tune all channels. My secondary cannot tune all, for some unknown reason. Thus I have set up the secondary DVB device as the main device used for normal TV viewing, since I don't want VDR to try to tune to get EPG data on that card. But when playing recordings, VDR uses the first available card, so the problem reappear.

There is a similar problem, if I try to record a channel on a card that cannot tune to the channel, VDR segfaults.

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