Thiemo wrote:
> Hi,
> is there a special reason that SetPlayMode() is always called with 
> "pmAudioVideo" even on radio channels instead of pmAudioOnly or 
> pmAudioOnlyBlack? It would make things much easier if it would do so (for 
> displaying a background image).
> Can you give me a hint where I could change this?

"pmAudioVideo" is the default play mode for VDR, and by itself VDR
doesn't use anything else. This was introduced in case a plugin
wants to implement a player that needs a different play mode.

When replaying a recording, VDR sets up a cDvbPlayerControl in
cReplayControl::cReplayControl(), which in turn creates a cDvbPlayer.
If you want to use a different play mode for radio recordings,
you'll need to first know in cReplayControl::cReplayControl() that
this actually is an audio-only recording, and then hand down the
desired play mode to the cPlayer.


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