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> Am Mittwoch, 24. Januar 2007 22:38 schrieb Klaus Schmidinger:
>> Thomas Bartschies wrote:
>>> Hi,
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>>> I have a three FF card system. Why does vdr use the Primary Card for
>>> scans anyway? Shouldn't all of this occur on a non-primary card all of
>> If VDR is currently replaying (or receiving in transfer mode from
>> an other card) the primary card is available for recording as well as
>> EPG scanning.
> I forget to mention, that the problem only occurs when replaying a recording.
> Watching LiveTV by using LiveAC3 and even AC3 in transfer mode on encrypted
> channels works perfectly. So if the problem would be in the FW or driver, the
> problem would occur in LiveTV too, wouldn't it?
> Is it possible that there are thread locking issues between the tuner and the
> replay thread, when a timeout occurs?
> I had a nasty NTPL thread locking problem with the tuner routine for a long
> time, until a patch on this mailing list fixed it. It was called 
> dvbtuner-one-mutex.diff and was applied by you somewhere around vdr 1.3.28.
> Without this vdr doesn't even start.
>>> the time? How can I force vdr to not use the primary device for PID,EPG
>>> and all other scans? At least for further testing.
>> Edit cEITScanner::Process() so that it doesn't use the primary device.
> How? Little hlp pls. ;-)

Locate the lines

           for (int i = 0; i < cDevice::NumDevices(); i++) {
               cDevice *Device = cDevice::GetDevice(i);
               if (Device) {

and change the last one to

               if (Device && !Device->IsPrimaryDevice()) {


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