Marko Mäkelä kirjoitti:
On Wed, Jan 17, 2007 at 10:16:55PM +0200, Kartsa wrote:
I would suspect that you haven't set up TCP/IP networking before
starting vdr for the first time.
I did make a working linux box with all updates before even installing vdr.

Can you add the line

(/sbin/ifconfig; /sbin/route -n) > /tmp/inet.txt

to the script that starts vdr, right before the vdr command?  That would
answer my question if TCP/IP networking is set up before vdr is started
for the first time.
I have not yet tried this but I did set up networking before installing vdr. I this for I did a network installation and updated everything before installing vdr.
I made a test and recompiled vdr and plugins and put starting command in rc.local. Now it starts ok and cpu load is about 60%. But if I let FC6 initscript start vdr I get 99%cpu load on startup.

This is another hint that the original init script might be run before
configuring TCP/IP networking.

I actually fixed this now by not letting vdr start by the system init but added "/etc/init.d/vdr start" in rc.local. Maybe the 550 PIII is just too slow in an environment where is matrox G400 and DirectFB :)


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