Stone schrieb:
I just noticed a new version of the Enigma skin available and wanted to try it out. But, when I downloaded the required extension patch for the text2skin plugin, it turned out to be an older version of text2skin that was prepatched for Enigma. I was hoping the Enigma extension patch would be available separately so I can keep using the latest cvs for the text2skin plugin. The prepatched version of text2skin is outdated with the Enigma extensions download. Perhaps if I could tell when cvs was checked out, I could pull out the differences... but I was hoping maybe someone already did it. :) Best Regards.

Sorry, there is no seperate Patch available at the moment, but I do check out the latest CVS of text2skin from time to time and see if something has changed. Then i directly implement changes into text2skin_ext but the CVS-infos keep the same ... so it looks older than it is. ;-)

There are not much changes in text2skin-cvs anyway (maybe a hand full in the last year) and I checked out the last version before I released Enigma-0.4pre9.

Andreas Brugger

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