Patrick Mackin wrote:
> Today I noticed that when I select left or right audio channel, this
> only takes effect on the analog audio out, not the digital out of my
> Nexus card.  From my Nexus, I have video (yellow), audio right (red),
> and audio left (white) run to my television.  I have the digital audio
> out (black) run to my stereo system in another room.  When I switch to a
> radio station with different broadcasts on the left and right channels,
> I can select either left or right on my remote.  The audio plays fine on
> the TV, but I still have the garbled mix of both channels on the digital
> output.  I don't know if this is a bug in vdr or the Nexus drivers or
> firmware.
> Nexus 2.3, 1ghz Athlon XP, 1gb RAM, VDRLive CD installed to harddrive

I don't believe it is possible to switch between left and right channel
in a digital audio track (at least not without taking the data apart
and reassembling it - which is beyond VDR).


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