Tero Siironen schrieb:
> On 29.1.2007 19:23, "Martin Wache" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Hi Tero,
>> Tero Siironen schrieb:
>>> I've made patches for VDR 1.4.5 and few plugins (Subtitles, streamdev and
>>> xineliboutput, softdevice) to run them on Mac OS X (10.4.8 Intel tested)
>> Funny, a friend, Stefan Rieke and me are also working on getting VDR to
>> run on Mac OS X. We have VDR 1.4.0 running on OS X 10.3.9 and 10.4.8,
>> together with a few plugins.
>> I think we are a bit more advanced than you, we have a special version
>> of the softdevice which has native audio and video Mac OS X support (the
>> video is displayed via OpenGL), and a very alpha version of an
>> mminput-plugin, which makes it possible to use USB DVB devices on Mac OS
>> X together with the VDR.
>> However after a short look you patches to VDR seem to be cleaner than
>> ours ;-)
> Hi Martin,
> Well this is good news as I was hopingd that someone could continue
> developing this as personally I don't have too much spare time. I started
> this just to test what is required to get VDR even compiled. Because it
> wasn't so much, I continued also with few plugins to get also video out and
> used Xineliboutput for it.
> If there's any use of my patches please use them. I can provide at least
> test support for Mac-VDR.
Unfortunately we also don't have lots of spare time, that is why the
developing has stalled in the past time.
On the other hand, we are almost there... We can watch live-tv, record,
playback and also time-shifting works. But there are still things to be
done, it is not as stable as it should be, and the build process is
difficult and almost completely undocumented (especially for the

>> We planned to publish our work some time ago, but up to now we delayed
>> it again and again...
>> Maybe we can join our efforts? If you are interested, you (or anyone
>> else...) can find our special softdevice version at
>> http://butler.physik.uni-mainz.de/~wache/softdevice-macosx.tbz
>> We developed it using a PowerPCs, so there might be some endian problems
>> on Intel Systems. The package also contains short instructions how to
>> build the softdevice and ffmpeg.
> I tried the softdevice plugin but it failed on shmget. I have larger shm
> values in /etc/rc than in the ReadMe,

Yes, that should be fine...

> any ideas what could be the problem:
> Vdr start output:
> [softdevice] initializing Plugin
> [softdevice] Initializing Video Out
> [softdevice] ffmpeg build(3349248)
> cShmVideoOut: Got ctl_shmid 65536 shm ctl!
> [softdevice] Subplugin successfully opend
> [softdevice] Video Out seems to be OK
> [softdevice] Initializing Audio Out
> [softdevice] No alsa support compiled in. Using dummy-audio
> [softdevice] Audio out seems to be OK
> [softdevice] A/V devices initialized, now initializing MPEG2 Decoder
> Client start output:
> cQuartVideoOut
> [vout-quartz] WindowEventHandler result 0
> [vout-quartz] resized..
> dsyslog:[VideoOut]: 720x536 [0,0 720x536] -> 360x288 [0,12 360x263]
> [vout-quartz] result 0
> init video engine
> [vout-quartz] initgl
> Finished Quartz constructor
> ctl_shmid error in shmget!
> Check if the Vdr is running with the softdevice and the option "-vo shm:"!
> [vout-quartz] cQuartzVideoOut destructor
> [vout-quartz] RmShmMemory pic 655361 osd 655362
> dsyslog:[VideoOut]: Good bye
Hmm, you can check with ipcs if the shared memory block has properly
been created, has the correct Id (it should be the one in shm-common.h),
and has the correct size. If you end the vdr, the block won't be
deleted, so you may try to delete the shared memory block and let vdr
create a new one. Did you make sure that you have a clean build (make
clean doesn't delete all the files...)?


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