here's the next release of epgsearch.

Description and download:
wget: http://people.freenet.de/cwieninger/vdr-epgsearch-0.9.20.tgz

2006-01-30: Version 0.9.20
- support for vdr-1.5.0. Note: the CA support in the timer conflict
  check is highly experimental because I have no CAMs to test it!
- epgsearch can now also modify manual timers according to EPG changes.
  When using epgsearch's own timer edit menu you can select between
  * no check
  * by event ID
  * by channel/time
  Please refer to the README (1.4.4 Setup/Timer Programming/Default
  timer check method) for further notes.
- the timespan used in the favorites menu can now be adjusted via
  setup. Default is 24h.
- Event announcements: If the user presses one of the keys 'Ok', '0',
  ... '9' while the announcement of an event is displayed, he will be
  asked if further announcements of this event should be disabled for
  ever (user hit '0' or 'Ok') or for the next 'x' days (user hit '1' to
  '9'). After pressing 'Ok' again, this setting will be stored.
- With the new setup option "No announcements when replaying" you can
  now suppress any announcements of broadcasts when you currently replay
  anything. Suggested by Andreas Mair.
- Besides the done file for recordings there is now a done file for
  timers (timersdone.conf). This allows deleting timers without getting
  them again with the next search timer update. With the new menu 'Show
  timers created' in Search/Actions one can edit this list. The whole
  feature can be disabled in the search timers setup. Note: the done
  list is only populated with timers that were newly created with this
- new addon plugin 'quickepgsearch': it creates a main menu entry 'Quick
  search' and can be used to search for any event in the EPG. Include it
  with '-Pquickepgsearch' , suggested by [EMAIL PROTECTED]
- new setup option "Limit channels from 1 to" to speed up epgsearchs
  call. If the current channel is above the limit, all channels will be
  displayed. Suggested by [EMAIL PROTECTED]
- new SVDRP commands:
  * 'LSRD' returns a list of all recording directories used
    in existing recordings, timers, search timers or as specified in
  * 'LSTT [ID]' to list all search templates, or the one with the passed
    ID (format is the same as epgsearch.conf)
  * 'NEWT <settings>' to add a new search template
    REMARK: the value of element ID is ignored. epgsearch will always
    assign the next free ID
  * 'DELT <ID>' to delete the search template with ID
  * 'EDIT <settings>' to modify an existing search template
  * 'DEFT [ID]' returns the ID of the default search template. When
    passing an ID it activates the corresponding template as default.
- you can now also use sendmail for mail delivery besides the script
  sendemail.pl (-> setup), suggested by Patrick Cernko
- new variables:
  * '%timespan%' to be used in menus or mails. It will be replaced
    with the timespan from now to the begin of an event (e.g. 'in 15m').
    It is now used in the default menu template of the favorites menu,
    where the date field was removed.
  * '%length%' for the length of a broadcast in seconds.
- thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg for finnish translation update

- manually created timers are now neither deleted nor modified by any
  search timers.
- the addon conflictcheckonly was compiled even if
  WITHOUT_CONFLICTCHECKONLY was defined in the Makefile, thanks to Ronny
  Kornexl for reporting.
- search term and directory support now the characters 'ß' (only for
  language german) and '@'.
- 'avoid repeats' had a bug (in some special cases) that created a timer
  for any later repeat instead of the first event.
- a search with "Use day of week" AND "Use time" where "Start before" is
  after midnight now also matches events on the next day til "Start
  before". E.g. "Start after 22:00" and "Start before 03:00" on monday
  will also match an event at 01:00 at tuesday.
- already recording timers are now modified only, if the timers stop
  time has changed (e.g. by an EPG update), thanks to Mike Constabel for
- fixed a bug in evaluation of user variables, thanks to Mike Constabel
  for reporting and remote debugging
- fixed a bug in conflict mail notification concerning timers without
  assigned events

Have fun!


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