Stefan Huelswitt wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm playing around with 1.5.0
> Initialy I wasn't able to tune to any channel. Even for FTA vdr
> kept saying "not available".
> It took me nearly an hour to find the reason for that:
> I had set PrimaryLimit=20
> I have this setting since ages, but cannot say why anymore.
> I found that vdr runs with PrimaryLimit=0 only.
> So my question is: what is the meaning of PrimaryLimit if there
> is exactly one setting which makes vdr operable?
> FYI: I think the change is in cDevice::SetChannel(), line 674.
> In the GetDevice() call the priority was Setup.PrimaryLimit, now
> is 0.

The (at least original) meaning is to prevent a recording with the
Primary Device, in a multi card setup, with a too low priority.

At least when i proposed that option many years ago a recording on the
primary Device effectively prevented live-viewing, even in a multi-card
setup. So with this option it could be made sure that a low priority
recording would be recorded with a secondary card, or not at all.

AFAICT that isn't a problem anymore, because of Transfer Mode. But i
personally only have multiple single-card systems so i can't check it.
(And i haven't looked anything "live" for years)

So my guess would be that this option can be erased.

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