On Wed, 31 Jan 2007, Marko Mäkelä wrote:

I didn't think of that.  If the verb is already used in some translation
string, it might be good to avoid using the verb in another context.
What about "Laajennos herää" (Plugin wakes up)?

That sounds ok.

When VDR invokes the external shutdown script, I would say that it
indeed does shut itself off, or at least attempts to.  But it might be
a little funny to write "VDR attempts to shut down in %ld minutes"
or "VDR yrittää sammua %ld minuutin päästä".  That would make sense if
the vdr-shutdown script could deny the operation because some other
application on the VDR box is being used.

Well, I wouldn't try to translate that one too literally (no need to tell about trying) - it's enough to inform user that VDR will shut down in a few minutes. If it fails due to any plugin activity that could be informed later on.

These (sometimes rather annoying!) OSD messages should be as short and simple as possible.


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