Marko Mäkelä wrote:
First, and more important: Can you please suspend the playback of
recordings when Shutdown.IsUserInactive() holds?  Here is the relevant
hunk from my vdr-suspend patch:

This would break the other interesting feature, shut down VDR as soon as the playback ends. Also, this would require a long and visible warning that VDR will soon stop playback because of inactivity, so the user wont be confused by the sudden stop of the playback.

Alternatively, could you suggest how to fix this in softdevice?

Maybe not switching off display while doing playback? It doesn't make much sense anyway to run playback invisible.

Second request: Consider modifying cDevice::Action() so that
non-recording tuners will not be read during user inactivity.
The kernel would then be able to turn off unnecessary tuners.

We had this discussion before, and since the majority of VDRs continues to display live video, I don't think that this should be part of VDR itself, and I don't really want to extend this patch into the deeper parts of cDevice.

To de-tune live devices, a plugin could display a still, like streamdev-server does, to free up devices.

Actually, it'd be nice to turn off any unneeded tuners, also
during interactive use (multi-tuner setups, or watching recordings).

Unneeded tuners get de-tuned. Provide there are unneeded tuners. (I know that my primary FF card tuner gets de-tuned if I play back a recording.)



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