Ville Rannikko kirjoitti:
>  Hi!
> > The newest firmware for FF cards did not completely fix the AV desync > problems
>  for me.
Can you provide a sample recording where A/V sync fails with the current

Oh, well. Turns out that I had somehow failed to install the new firmware properly. My test patch is possibly not needed at all.

I still have experienced AV sync problem with the new fw. The problem is that I can not reproduce the problem. Replaying the video again does not usually give the same result. The sync problem I've experienced with this new fw is just a slight out of sync, less than half a second, but it is noticeable. I can not really say yet how the problem occurs, what are the circumstances. I must check if pausing or jumping causes it or is it something changes in the video. Its nowadays so rare :) I was so used to have it :)


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