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> Which three cards do you have?
> card 0: Hauppauge budget CI
> card 1: Geniatech budget
> card 2: Geniatech budget

> If I didn't drop a line while analysing the output, it seems that card 0
> locks always, card 1 misses some locks and card 2 misses more locks.
> To test whether this is a switch or card issue, would you mind permuting
>  the cables on your cards?

Of course I don't mind :)

> For example: plug the cable on card 0 into card 2 and vice versa and run
> the test again. If card 2 locks always now, then it looks like a switch
> issue.
> With the original configuration, what happens if you run the inner szap
> loop in parallel on the three cards?

I have tried with a new type of LNB and with another diseqc, so all
changed... without any improvment, I think I have to put my dish "right"
again after all those testings before doing some more try :-)

> Hhm, a quick look into cx88-mpeg.c shows that a DMA transfer timed out
> in this case. Don't know what this means. Maybe a driver developer can
> tell you more.
> BTW: what has changed in your setup recently, as I you didn't report
> such issues in the past?

I was having 2 FF cards, and I got tuning problem on one card, since it
seemed FF cards suffer from bad diseqc sending message, I bought two FF
cards, but apparently, it wasn't just a card problem, unless my cards
are broken...

I'll report here ASAP, thank you very much,
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