Marko Myllymaa <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Also this newer version does some weird busylooping or whatever from
> time to time. Vdr gets all remote codes and buffers them, but just
> starts executing them after ~45s. One time it took so long, that I
> got ssh opened from other computer to restart vdr, but vdr had
> recovered.

i can confirm this. i get the same delays in key processing very
frequently. i use also a low end machine - PII 233 MHz.

> And third problem which have gone worse is weird black output I get.
> Vdr is up and running, osd is shown, but no live video. Changing
> channels are very slow (ie. vdr shows the info screen very long).
> Restarting vdr corrects this (propably reloading the drivers is the
> actual "fix"). This has happened with 1.3.19 about once a week. Now
> with 1.4.4 I had to restart vdr everyday. That's not so nice.

me 2 also on this point. exactly the same behalfier.


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