Rolf Ahrenberg wrote:
> On Sun, 4 Feb 2007, Laz wrote:
>> I always copy the relevant lines for kGreen and kYellow (near the end of
>> menu.c), rename them to k1 and k3, and change the delay to 10 s, leaving
>> Green and Yellow to stay as 1 min skip.
> You could always google this patch: vdr-1.4.2-k1_k3_Jumps_20s.patch
> It has been included in my Liemikuutio and I've requested the similar
> feature to be integrated into vanilla VDR, but Klaus did disagree due to
> used key mapping.

Well, wouldn't the solution here be configurable jump length. Forward
and backward jump separated so that 1min forward and 10s backward jumps
are possible. This way most of the users would be happy.

One possibility would be to provide a command for this that can be
defined in remote control configuration e.g.

<button> <command> <parameter>

commands:  jump
parameter: +/- num of seconds

This way any number of keys can be used for this so everyone will be
happy (?).

Br, Pasi

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