this is the first alpha release of the GraphLCD base package and plugin for VDR which finally introduces skinning support. There is still much functionality missing but it is basically working (Take a look into TODO file).

There is no documentation yet. The skin format is based on text2skin's format with some simplifications and useful extensions like
- global font definitions
- variables (numbers and strings), evaluated while loading the skin
- arithmetic functions
- font functions to query font height, string width, ...
- image functions to query image width and height
Take a look at the supplied default skin for an example.

Installation is as usual: copy the graphlcd subfolder to your VDR config/plugin directory. Start VDR with following example parameters: -P'graphlcd -d <your display> -s default'. The new parameter -s specifies the skin to use.

The default skin shoudl look OK on both 128x64 and 240x128 displays.

You can download the packages from the berlios project's file page:



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