Well, I would actually prefer it built in to vdr.  Heck, I'd prefer that vdr's 
on screen EPG was as nice as yaepgs.  I suggested the reminder belong in a 
plugin because the record timer in yaepg is more advanced / user friendly than 
the one built in to vdr.  I may be mistaken on this--I am new to vdr and 
linux-- but I thought that yaepg was using its own timer features and not 
simply providing a nice front end GUI for a vdr function, and it also seems 
most people use a plugin such as yaepg.  However, I agree it would be 
beneficial for this to be a part of vdr.  So if yaepg is simply "calling" vdr's 
record timer when you go to a program and click "OK" to schedule a recording, 
then it should be fixed in vdr.  But I also know that Klaus is busy with many 
other planned features, and that vdr, while usable on a clean install, really 
needs lots of plugins to make it work more like a set top box.  I too was 
surprised there was no reminder.  I am also surprised at the poor search epg 
features, as these seem basic and easy to implement.

  It makes absolutely no sense for a reminder feature to be done via plugin.  
This is a very common and basic feature offered in most dvb-c and dvb-s 
receivers.  Honestly, I was surprised to find out vdr didn't already have it 
implemented because it -is- such a basic function.  Logically I don't see it 
anywhere else other than the core code.  I'm not sure why you mention yaepg as 
that's just an alternate means to view guide data.  Yaepg has nothing to do 
with timer functionality or reminders.  Maybe you could elaborate more on how 
you came to your opinion on this? 
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